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Let's Talk About Time


She is one of the most powerful entities in existence – consistent, unwavering, autonomous. She is also one of the most mismanaged entities in existence – so much being wasted, lost or taken advantage of.

If too much time is perceived, we long for less.

If too little time is perceived, we long for more.

It’s in our natural makeup to want what we don’t have, but this shouldn’t alter our ability to work towards finding a better balance.

Think of the age-old icebreaker question: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” How many times do you hear the following responses:

“Time control”

“Having an infinite amount of time”

“Ability to go back in time”

“Ability to be in multiple places at once”

“Time travel”

Every time I take part in this type of icebreaker, answers like these are said repeatedly!

Instead of thinking of time as something we need supernatural powers to control, what if we actually learned how to better manage it for ourselves? *YAS KWEEN* There is so much to be gained from learning more about how to better manage your time and how you spend it.

I believe that you must budget how you spend your time like how you spend your money. We have a limited supply of time like we have a *limited* supply of money, and it in order to make our time go far and work to our best benefit, we have to be strategic with how we use it!

I am not talking about having every single second of your day planned out to a T. That is just asking for disappointment and setting yourself up for an impossible win if you are too strict with yourself. What I am referring to is identifying the areas in your life that are meaningful to you and where you are currently budgeting (or want to budget) your time to. If Bonz had to call out her time budget categories, they would look like the following:

Health and wellness, self-improvement, relationships, career, the Bonz Voyage movement, travel, women’s empowerment and community service.

My time budget categories will look different from yours or from any other Jenny from the block’s, but the conversation around these categories will be very similar.

It is about awareness. Awareness of where you invest your sacred time. Awareness of how your time is being reflected to you. Awareness of the entire journey.

Right now, I encourage you to make a decision for yourself – nay, a commitment to yourself – to learn more about what this means for you. I want you to think critically about how you spend your time. Who and what are you giving your time to? Why? What are your time budget categories?

If you’re interested in joining me on this journey to learn more about owning your time vs. it owning you, leave me a comment below or reach out via email and let’s connect, learn and grow together!


<3 Bonz

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So proud of you! I want to take this journey with you. I have much to learn

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