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A Letter

Dear Grandma,

How is it up there in Heaven? I imagine you sitting there with grandpa, sipping on some vodka martinis - extra olives. The two of you dancing the day away to Glenn Miller until your feet feel like falling off. Grandpa in his military uniform, you in that beautiful dress suit - the lines in your stockings straighter than a ruler. Just like on the day you met.

That was probably one of my favorite stories to hear you tell - how you and grandpa met. You catch each others eyes walking down the street, him turning to his friend saying that he's "going to marry that girl one day". Lone behold. Engaged two weeks later, 3 kids, 9 grandchildren, 18+ great grandchildren, together for a lifetime.

The two of you probably haven't stopped gazing into each other's eyes. A relationship stronger than the world's toughest titanium - steadfast, durable, ever-lasting. True love was one of the many things that you taught me.

I want you to know the impact you made on everyone you came in contact with throughout your life. Your smile could light up an entire arena, and your laugh would fill it ten times over. Two more wonderful qualities of yours I will never forget.

For the last 12 and a half years, at 97 years young, you lived alone in the lake house that you and grandpa had purchased almost 50 years ago. The lake house that has been bringing our family together for as long as I can remember. You kept that house thriving and it never stopped being a place our family of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins (you name it) gathered for all Holidays and parties.


Easter egg hunts

Fourth of July Fireworks

Memorial Day and Labor Day barbecues

HUGE Christmas Eve gatherings full of gifts and games *NEVER STEAL A GIFT FROM GRANDMA*

You were the light that we followed and gathered around each and every year. A light that will continue to shine bright, for it is now our turn to carry your flame wherever we go.

I hope to have as much of an impact on this world as you had. I hope to create and care for a family like you, and then be able to watch it grow, expand and branch in all different directions like you watched over all of us throughout time. I hope to have a love like you and grandpa shared for over 70 years.


Never will I forget

that bright smile

that infectious laugh

your unconditional love

It's flowing through my veins,

pumping with every beat of

my heart

My heart is Yours.

You are Me.

Soon we will meet again.

All of my love,


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