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How I packed for a two week Europe trip in a single AWAY carry-on suitcase

Hello to all m’loves!

Your Bonz-gal is returning from a FABULOUS two week trip to Europe and is regretfully trading in her afternoons of coffees at cafes for calls and clients back in the States. WHAT. A TRIP. THOOOO! I am feeling so energized, refreshed and ready to make a serious life decision and relocate to Europe immediately. 😊

If you followed along on my IG (@bonz_voyage) you got a little glimpse into the glorious week I had in London with my college galpal Megan, followed by Gals Trip 2019 in Austria/Germany with Em, Mags and Bren! I was gone for a total of 16 days including travel days (because those DEFINITELY count) for the trip and I packed everything into a single carry on. I call this magic trick – the consultant’s curse.

At this point in my traveling career, I refuse to check a bag. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Carrying on eliminates all possibility of your bag getting lost, someone breaking into it and stealing something or it losing a wheel (my personal favorite) when the beaut is sitting in the plane three feet above your head.

I've found that everything is so much more efficient when you have your belongings with you. There is no waiting in line at the beginning of your travels to check the bag in, and there is no waiting at the end of your travels in baggage claim for your bag to be the last one to tumble out onto the carousel. Every minute of exploration time counts ladies and gents! Plus – better yet, it is practically impossible to over pack when you carry on a bag.

How many times have you gone on a trip and not used half of your suitcase? You end up re-wearing your favorite pants, dress or shoes 2-3 times and never wear that heinous romper you thought you needed. Does it even fit right? Who knows? You should Marie Kondo yo life and sell it on Poshmark.

So. Here I am sharing my packing list with y’all from my fabulous two-week European adventure. I must call out that I did do a small load of laundry at Megan’s flat in London in order to have enough undies and remove all sweat stains from my 22,000+ steps a day touristing outfits. But if I did not have a washer nearby, I would’ve washed necessities in a sink at my trip’s halfway point…that is always a great option while on the road!

Feast your beautiful eyes on THE LIST:


The Essentials

8 pairs underwear

3 tall/thick socks, 2 ankle socks

1 bra, 1 sports bra

2 pair jeans – one black, one blue

1 belt

Two pairs of leggings

2 workout / loose shirts

1 flannel

1 black body suit, 1 orange body suit

2 cute “going out” shirts

2 turtle necks – one grey, one black

1 black long dress, 1 cheetah print dress plus pantyhose

Sleep shorts and shirt

1 lightweight raincoat

1 heavier winter coat

1 black sweater

1 pair black boots

1 pair BANGS

1 pair Chaco’s (I don’t go anywhere without them)

1 pair cheetah shoes

Phone/computer/GoPro Hero 7 and chargers


Hairbrush, make up & remover wipes, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, toothbrush/paste, facewash/lotion (day and nighttime), deodorant, tampons, cold/flu meds, face masks

Books to read on the plane and down times


Sunglasses (3 fun pairs)

Crystals and essential oils

Adidas small backpack

Fun thangs I bought on the trip and brought home with me

Hand-stitched tribal patterned jean jacket, red cover up, galaxy cover up, Bob Marley black jean jacket, 3 hair scarves, incense and incense base

Hat, rings/earrings/necklaces, bracelets for gals

Dirndl for Oktoberfest!

And it ALL fit!


Here are some of my fave pics from my trip. See how I made that carry on work for me?!

The Away bag for the trek back home was a bit tight, but it’s durable and I had no problems getting everything back! Here is a link to my exact bag on their website. I lost a few liquids at the London Heathrow airport – they are SUUUCCHHH sticklers on liquids and everything must fit into a quart bag that must zip closed. RIP to the random lotions and lip balms in my backpack I travel with every week…

To sum up my lessons learned while traveling for both work and fun, here are some tips I want to share. This is for all of you out there taking a trip in the next 50 years of your life – domestic or international, weekend or weeks long, business or pleasure. If you're getting on a plane, this will apply to you.

1. Roll your clothes! This is such a space saver.

2. Know that you will probably re-wear some items and that is ok!! Accessorize them differently with jackets, cover ups, jewelry, different combinations of the same outfits…you get the point!

3. Put your normal toiletry products into smaller containers.

4. Utilize “dead space” in a bag. Bringing tennis shoes? Stuff socks inside of them to use that space!

5. Be smart with the carry-on and personal item you’re allowed to bring on the plane. Don’t use a small little purse as the personal item. Go big! Use that beach ball size purse or backpack and fill it with items you need on the trip! And for the love of God please put that personal item below the seat in front of you (unless you’re in a bulkhead seat) so everyone has enough space overhead for their rolling suitcases – shameless plug.

Where are you traveling to next?? I want to know! Also, can I come? LOLZ, but seriously… I want to know some of your best travel tips too, so share them below! You can never have too many tips and tricks whilst on the road!

Slay, Pray and Namaste kweens,

<3 Bonz

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