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Meditation Teacher Training - Weekend 2 Recap

Weekend 2 is over and let me tell you – I am as spent as if I just lived through Mercury in Retrograde ten times over. I can barely tell which way is up. I am moving emotional mountains. I am DIGGING down into the very core of my being and seriously working on some deep seeded thangs my friends.

Friday – I cry during final meditation.

Saturday – I cry during final meditation.

Sunday – I cry during our opening meditation and blubber my way (loudly) through our final meditation after reading a heart wrenching poem about “Self-Love” in front of my class.

That. Poem. Hit. Hard.


I know that Chelsey (our meditation training leader) knew that it would be like it was. That I would chose that poem, that she would chose me to read that poem in front of everyone, that I would struggle with that poem and most importantly, that I would have a major breakthrough with that poem.

“That poem” is entitled Self-Love by Charlie Chaplin.

And on Sunday, September 15th, 2019 as I sat there in front of my peers with my hand over my heart feeling the weight of every single word I read aloud, I began to feel lighter. I was a hot, sweaty, clammy, teary-eyed, blubbering mess of emotional lightness – the energy in motion was the beginning of my eradication of deeper pains and attachments I had buried down inside for only God knows how long.

Lighter – how it feels when you begin to release years of abandonment, self-doubt and the need to please everyone around you. Lighter – when you start to let go of that which has buried its claws so deep in you and just keeps holding you back. Lighter – when you see a glimpse of your internal strength, resilience and power.

The poem reads as follows:

I have been and will continue to meditate on this poem every single day until I wholeheartedly understand, believe and give my being to each of the paragraphs within. I encourage you to do the same.

Weekend 2, just like Weekend 1, was a complete game changer. I cannot wait for more.

A poem to "myself":

I love me.

I love myself.

Through everything, no matter what.

I have my own back – without fail.

I know myself better than anyone on this planet,

And therefore, know every intimate detail about myself,

Or have a means to access them.

Whoever I chose to share myself with

Will love and value me for me.

I am me, I love me.

I love me.

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